Sunday, 25 May 2014


All the living beings in this world are surrounded by various kinds of afflictions. Melting of one’s heart to see such people suffering from afflictions is known as ‘compassion’. We should try our level best for redemption from affliction for those who are suffering. We must consider the plight of others as our own, we must feel their pains in our inner being and, considering the call of those, suffering, the call of our soul, we should rush forward to render a helping hand to them. And this is the acid test of our benevolent heart. The helpless, orphans and handicapped persons are such beings, seeing whom even humanity begins to whine with pain. They always expect us to help them. It is the duty of us human beings to be compassionate and to provide the required service and assistance to them. Making fun of those, suffering, is nothing but animality; it represents hostile attitude and is unpardonable. But having a feeling of equal distribution of happiness and comforts, among all the living beings, is possible in the hearts of only those who are compassionate.
Where there is compassion there is absence of vanity. A life, in which there is compassion, is simple and sweet, which makes the heart and mind sweet and the voice soft. Thus, compassion washes away the impurities of the heart and makes the mind clean. But the duty of being compassionate should not be observed emotionally; rather, one has to be practical about it. We have to take care to see that we don’t get caught in some kind of entanglement in trying to he compassionate. And so, it is necessary that we observe our duties towards compassion within the modicum of our capabilities. Great personages like saints and sages and Sadgunts have always shown equal compassion to every living being in this world. And so, whoever goes in their shelter, gets rid of all kinds of worldly problems. Their sacred company and didactic preaching’s help a person get rid of the plights of lives together and also helps him attain salvation. In this context, Kabir Saheb has thrown light on the importance of feeling of compassion and benevolence toward other living beings and having the feeling of compassion towards other living beings is the greatest of all the duties. And so, one must be kind and must cause welfare to others.

Kunjar Mukh Se Kan Giraa, Khutai Na Vaako Aahaar.
Keeree Kan Lekar Chalee, Poshan De Parivaar.
कुंजर मुख से कण गिरा, कहती न वाको आहार.
कीरी कण लेकर चली, पोषम दे परिवार.

A grain fell from the mouth of an elephant while it was eating, but this does not in any way affect the diet of the elephant. But an ant took away that grain and fed its family with it, this kind of kindness will take care of other smaller beings, but this won’t cause any kind of scarcity to you.

~Satguru Kabir Saheb~

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